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Who are we?

Two kindred spirits who hunger for adventure. People of different professional backgrounds but with common goals: the pursuit of the great outdoors and the love of motorcycles. Their backgrounds and professions may be different, but their love of the wind in their face and the pulse of the machine set them apart from the crowd and mere tourist.

Born from a common idea, a desire and a dream which has today become a reality, these two successful people have dreamed and planned a vacation on two wheels, in a country where the sun shines 320 days in the year.

Over a period of six months they covered Andalucía from top to bottom in order to organize a dream vacation in the comfort and refinement of the hotels of the region.

Be wild and join us. Live the concept which combines freedom with great food and see sights and pleasures not otherwise experienced by tourism.

Does this adventure sound appealing? Then follow their adventures and those of the Wild Gentlemen Tour on this blog and on their Facebook page.